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Dr J. Otte

Physician, working at the intersection of palliative care and sustainability

How I divide my time:


Caring for Patients & Families

I'm a family physician, practicing mainly palliative care in Nanaimo, BC


Asking Questions

Patients deserve access to high value care, that is, the best quality care at the lowest cost, while at the same time avoiding unnecessary and harmful interventions and fitting in the context of a sustainable health system and planet.


I like to ask patients questions like "What matters to you?"


I ask research questions like "Why do we keep doing medical interventions that we know are not helpful?" or "How can we make our care better fit with the patient's goals and wishes?"


Educating & Sharing

To close the clinical research to practice gap and reach clinicians, trainees, and the public, I speak, write, and develop other education materials, largely under the umbrella of my academic roles with the University of British Columbia.


Improving Health Systems

I am engaged in various policy and advocacy work that relates to the health system in British Columbia, with a particular interest in resource stewardship and sustainability.

Less Is More Medicine

You can view the archives of this old site here:


My Approach

We do things in health care out of best intentions. Sometimes more is better but we also must remember that many tests and treatments provide no benefit for patients, cause harm, and waste resources that could be better used elsewhere.

I believe that patients should have access to the highest quality care that fits their goals and needs; their care should be informed by the best available evidence, free of conflicts of interest.

About me

I'm a nature-loving Vancouver Islander with rural Ontario roots. Being a mother, a patient, and experiencing all the wonder and heartache of our ambitious garden positively shapes my professional perspective. 

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